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Ryan W. Keyser

I am a novelist. "Surfwater" is my debut which is based on a combination of memories and imagination. I have plans for more novels to be published in the future. Spinoffs are what I have in mind. Sequels are not my intention. Lanessa is my second book. 


WebPages Book Review 1 & Book Review 2 include interviews
Myspace, Facebook and Publish America are some of the websites that apply to my business    
Since South Park was one of the high schools I attended. Some of the characters in my books are from South Park. This part of Beaumont, Texas began in the early 1890’s.            
 On May 20, 2013 I had an interview with a California radio station. The Global Talk Radio page has access to the website archive.
 The articles page has my interview with Lucy Walton.



My novel is dedicated to the memory of my mom and the South Park Greenies. 


Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

The Surfwater page has an image of my book cover.